I draw no distinction between my work and my play, my mind and my body, my education and my recreation.

I simply pursue my vision of excellence through whatever I am doing and leave others to determine whether I am working or playing.

To myself, I am always doing both.

- Author Unknown

How did I recover from the loss of a child?

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How did I learn to accept my gifts?

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How did I create a viral video?

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What is SOUL?

Karen AuldHi!  I’m Karen C. Auld and I am the Founder of the Society of Ultimate Living (SOUL)!  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

SOUL began when I was given the poem above.  I want to live my vision of excellence and blur the lines between work and play.  I want to inspire you to join me and live our vision of excellence too!  My goal is to fill this site will inspiration, information and good ole SOUL food.

At the heart of SOUL is the interviews with my SoulMates.  I figured the best way for me to learn how to live my vision was to interview people who were doing just that.  I’ve interviewed:

  • A flight attendant from Kansas who became a master in an ancient form of Hawaiian massage.
  • A computer programmer who became an Emergency Medical Technician.
  • An electrician who became the Massage Therapist for the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers.
  • An addict who became a life coach and entrepreneur.
  • A musician who made a viral video that resulted in a book deal.

You can access these interview by clicking on the pictures or the SOULMATES tab above.

The FEED YOUR SOUL section of the site, I like to refer to as my “blog on steroids.”  Here you will find books, music, movies and stories all with the purpose of feeding your SOUL.

Thanks again for joining me on this SOUL-ful journey.