Alice In Wonderland

Alice-In-wonderlandI just love a good movie. Stories that make you think. Make you feel. But let’s face it, there is a bunch of bad ones out there too. So, in order to help you find the good ones each month the Society of Ultimate Living will feature a movie to feed your soul

Our first movie is the new release of a classic tale; Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Alice is now 20 when she returns for her second trip to Underland. Underland, that’s what this magical place is really called. Alice as a young girl called it Wonderland. Don’t you love that?

Alice is lured back into Underland to save it. To kill the Jabberwocky. If she doesn’t the evil Red Queen will rule Underland.

Now that she’s back, everyone is questioning who she is. In fact the Mad Hatter (played of course by the marvelous Johnny Depp), tells her that she is missing her “muchness.” That she was “much more muchier” the last time he saw her.

Haven’t we all misplaced our “muchness” from time to time? I know I have and this movie reminded me to hold on to my muchness even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

So this impossible task lies in front of Alice. To kill this huge, ferocious beast, the Jabberwocky. Alice is used to thinking of the impossible. It’s something her father taught her. You see he taught her a fun game, to think of six impossible things before breakfast.

But the thinking is over, now its time to do. “It’s impossible,” says Alice as the Jabberwocky approaches. “Only if you think it is,” replies the Hatter.

The very end was my favorite. It made my heart flutter. So this month, check out Alice in Wonderland, and let me know if your heart flutters too.

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