Cuky Choquette Harvey

At SOUL, finding inspiring people and sharing their stories is only part of our mission. We also want to analyze their stories. Look for commonalities of our SOUL Mates. Find the tips and tricks they utilized to reach their goals.

So lets get started with Cuky’s story.

You probably noticed that I used the word “spirit” many times during Cuky’s story. Cuky will be the first to tell you that it was her connection to spirit that changed her life. But what exactly is spirit?

Spirit goes by many names:

  • Gut Feeling
  • Intuition
  • Vibes
  • Inner Voice
  • Higher Self
  • God

I like to explain it as a sense of knowing. Sometimes you just know, good or bad, about people or a situation. You feel good or bad. We’ve all experienced this, but how many times have we ignored it or thought it was just weird?

Just as animals have the instinctual knowledge to hibernate or travel distances to mate, I know that we have something inside us, an internal compass, that will point us in the right direction and steer us from the wrong.

If you have doubts about this, just talk to a young child. They’ll tell you what they like, what they don’t like with hesitation. If you ask them why, most of the time they’ll say something like “Just because.” They are still intune to this sense of knowing. As we age and worry about the feelings of others. We play in our head “What will people think?” All of this internal dialogue, drowns out the voice of knowing.

Working as an environmental consultant, I use this inner knowledge to help me figure out the best way to help my clients. A few years back I had one client who I knew from the get-go was someone I was just never going to please. I worked with this client for several years thinking that I could change things, but at the same time it just never felt right. My thinking was ruling my feelings. At the end of my time with this client, I left on bad terms and that bothers me. Mostly because if I would have trusted my feelings and listened to my spirit way back in the beginning I could have bowed out gracefully.

So are you in touch with spirit? Do you listen to your inner voice? Not sure how to? My next blog entry will feature a book that will help you to connect to your spirit, your vibes. And guess what? It was written by Cuky’s sister.


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