Trust Your Vibes At Work

Trust-Your-Vibes-At-WorkAs we learned from Cuky’s story, a connection with spirit can help steer you in the direction of your goals and dreams. So, how does one do this? Can everyone do it? Yes, we all can connect with our inner spirit and here is a book that walks you through just how to do that.

“Trust Your Vibes at Work, and Let Them Work for You,” written by Cuky’s sister, Sonia Choquette presents 29 strategies for “activating, sharpening and mastering your vibes at work.” Your “vibes” is that inner knowing, your spirit, that gut feeling, goosebumps. Sonia calls them vibes because they are “a vibration that centers in the heart and resonates throughout the body.” Each chapter includes practical steps, real-life stories and a section called “Your Turn.” “Your Turn” is homework, simple exercises/suggestions for you to apply to the teachings of each chapter.

I know some of you maybe thinking, “Karen, this vibe thing sounds a little too woo-woo, new agey for me.” But stay with me.

The first chapter, Strategy #1, is one of my favorites; Set Your Intention. Sonia reminds us in this chapter to take a moment at the start of the day to focus on what you want to achieve. She breaks out how to do this in five simple tips:

Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Before rising, mentally review your schedule for the day ahead.

Imagine each person or situation that you will face, along with the outcome you want to create with each one.

Visualize every encounter, project and assignment flowing smoothly.

Breathing deeply as you see your day, leave room for even greater successes than you can imagine – and expect the best!

Now that you know where you will focus your energy, you can do just that. This simple exercise helps you to prepare for the day. Process what is important to you.

I know how much smoother my day goes when I set my intentions. So many days I walk into the office to the phone ringing, employee questions, emails to read and the next thing I know out the window goes my day. On days like that I feel like I accomplished nothing. We all have fires to put out from time to time, but I know when I do set my intentions it is so much easier for me to stay on track. I can easily sift through the crises and not get caught in the drama. Prioritizing what really is important.

Some of my other favorite strategies Sonia focuses on in the book include;

Become Organized

Ask for Help

Employ Bad Vibe Busters

Understand the Power of Doing Nothing

All the strategies that Sonia offers really boil down to helping you “perceive the world through the eyes of possiblity and creativity.” Helping you clear your own house so you can be aware of the subtle messages you get everyday from your vibes, your spirit. This book will help you to get in tune to your true self and that’s the place where dreams begin.

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