Greg Provance

I love what Greg calls his “Bullet Points of Living.” They are the fuel that has propelled him to where he is today. Developing your own “Bullet Points for Living” will help you keep on course. Like the fin of a surf board, your bullet points can provide stability, are customizable for you and adjusted when conditions change.

Let’s take a look at Greg’s.


To get sober Greg had to be real honest with himself. The high is just a lie and he knew it. To change career paths, Greg had to be honest and real. Acting for example was just not feeding his soul. He knew that a change needed to be made. How many people though will continue living the lie of a job they hate? The reasons are endless why they do it, but if they adopted honesty as one of their guiding principals, they just couldn’t .


On, the word “integrity” has two great definitions:

• adherence to moral and ethical principles

• the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished

Honesty by itself is great thing, but I look at integrity as the action step of honesty. You can be honest with yourself and with others, but when integrity is added to the mix, your actions must match your feelings. Which transitions nicely to Greg’s next bullet point…

Don’t Over Commit

Can you have honesty and integrity if you say yes when you really mean no? If you take on work when you know you can’t give it your best effort? Greg still coaches, he works for Synergy, he consultants for clubs and restaurants and his most important job, Dad. Greg knows that over committing even in just one of these areas will affect his performance in all the others.

Are you inspired to develop your own “bullet points” but don’t know where to start? Well, here is a quick exercise to try. Grab some paper and a pen and find a quite place. Think of a time or event when you felt completely fulfilled. What were you doing that made you feel great? Write down as much detail as you can. Now do back and underline those feeling words, principles and actions that resonate with you. List the words and phrases you underlined on another piece of paper. Use this list to refine your “bullet points.”

Another fun way to tap into what is really important to you is by making a vision board. How does that work? Well, check Books on Feed Your Soul, “Life Makeovers: 52 Practical & Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time.”

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