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Life-MakeoversGreg is my coach. We touch base on a regular basis to discuss my goals and aspirations. I find it great to be accountable to someone besides myself. Between working full-time and living with two vivacious senior citizens, 5 cats and a husband, sometimes I find myself putting my goals on the back burner. But a call with Greg helps me clearly look at my priorities and put some action around them.

So I thought it was only appropriate for Greg’s Library to feature a book of another great coach, Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl is a NY Times Best Selling author. She has been featured on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America. It was through Cheryl that I learned about vision boards,which I will get to in a minute. First let me tell you about the book I chose; “Life Makeovers: 52 Practical & Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time.”

Cheryl provides the readers with fun and challenging exercises “to support you in changing your life.” At the end of each chapter is the “Take Action Challenge,” which helps you put into action what you just read. I love it when an author provides tools. My analytical side appreciates that.

Here’s an idea of some of the chapters:

Focus Your Energy

Learning to Wait

Bring in the Reserves

Pamper Break

Life Accessories

Throughout the book, Cheryl encourages the reader to journal. Journaling is a great way to get stuff out of your head. I know for me, when I see it on paper, it is easier for me address and process. Many of the weekly challenges involve ways to expand on journaling.

Doing the work in this book will bring you closer to the your true self. You’ll tap into what is important to you.

Gather your supplies. You’ll need a piece of poster board, scissors, glue/ glue sticks, markers/crayons/colored pencils and a bunch of magazines/catalogs.

For a fixed amount of time (I use 30 minutes) go through the various magazines and pick words and images that jump out at you. Tear out the page and put it aside for later. (You want to limit your time so your head stays out of this process. When your head is involved you’ll stop and you’ll think about the image. Say you want to pick a picture of a piece of pottery, because you’ve always been interested in learning how to throw a pot on a wheel. And then your brain will say something like, “Remember in second grade when you lost at the art show?” And you’ll pass over the image that is speaking to your soul. You may have no idea why you are picking an image or a word and that’s good. You’ll know when an image or a word is right. )

Now here is the fun part. Go through your pile and start laying it out on the vision board. Cut out the words and images. Tear them if you want to. Keep refining the vision.

When you’re ready glue down the images and the words.

Add some additional art with markers/crayons/colored pencils if you want to.

Prop your vision board up and look for the message. What’s the theme of the words and images? There could be several themes!

Now use this board to encourage some action

As with Greg, I check in with Cheryl on regular basis via her on-line radio show “Coach on Call.” It airs every Monday, 5:00pm EST, on HayHouse Radio. Though I’ve never gotten to talk to Cheryl live on the air, I always learn a new trick, tool, resource, etc., when listening.

Having a coach has helped me tremendously. I think of Cheryl as my first coach via books. I consider my coaching time with Greg to be a great personal investment. If you have a goal and just can’t seem to make it happen, I encourage you to look into getting yourself a coach. Be it via a book, the radio or live, we all need help, encouragement and sometimes a big wake up call. So WAKE UP! Go get those goals.

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