Michael Chase

Brave. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about Michael’s story.

He was brave to not follow the patterns of his family’s elder males. He was brave to deal with the death of his father. He was brave to rescue the turtle. He was brave to sell his business and start The Kindness Center. (Maybe the turtle is a stretch.)

What are you afraid to do? What is stopping you from being brave?

For me, it’s money. I would love to quit my job and make SOUL my full-time gig, but not knowing where the money would come from is quite frightening. I do believe in SOUL. I do believe in myself, but I don’t know how to make money at this yet. I know I need to work on my foundation and then this knowledge will come. I think fear is conquered by knowledge and love. I know I love what I am doing with SOUL, I just need to know more about it. See how it will evolve.

I take great comfort though in knowing that Michael did it and is doing it. I was at the Movers & Shakers event where Michael spoke. Though it was a supporting environment, speaking in front of three of the biggest names in the self-help industry, I think was so brave. But you see, Michael loves his message and he had worked hard to build the foundation of his message. So he was ready.

I’ll be ready soon. How about you?

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