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Brad Smith

Starting something new can be a scary thing. You may feel that you are in a vulnerable position because you don’t have all the answers. But as Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” Just look at Brad’s journey.

Brad had decided to make a huge shift in his life and he took the time to research, to gain the knowledge that would support his journey. I’m sure Brad had an edge over his fellow massage school classmates when he decided to study anatomy on his own before school started. I’m sure this boosted his confidence too. And when it came time to branch into Sports Therapy, Brad researched the people he needed to talk to and he started networking. He made the right connections and people took notice.

Researching what you want to do and where you want to go can eliminate a ton of fear. Imagine someone telling you to drive to a town that you’ve never been to without a map, no GPS, in the dark. That would be pretty darn scary. But what if you were given the time to research the route. Come up with directions. Even in the dark, it’s not a problem.

Do you give time to map out the directions of your dreams? Do you research the next steps or are you driving in the dark?

Experience Your Good Now

As John and Linda were telling me how for years they would talk about moving to Maine, I thought about Louise L. Hay. Why? To me, Louise is the official Ambassador of Affirmations and John and Linda were doing affirmations.

Not sure what an affirmation is, let alone how to do it, well let me use Louise’s words from her book Experience Your Good Now to describe:

Doing affirmations is consciously choosing to think certain thoughts that will manifest positive results in the future. They create a focal point that will allow you to begin changing your thinking. Affirmative statements are going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now.

So see, John and Linda were talking and thinking about what their existence in Maine would be like. They were doing just what Louise describes above. They were creating their future through the words they used in the present.

There are twelve chapters in this gem of a book. First Louise talks about what affirmations are and how to do them, and then she gets into specific topics. Here’s a few that are included:

  • Health
  • Fearful Emotions
  • Addictions
  • Work
  • Aging
  • Love and Intimacy

She provides you with exercises, sample affirmations that turn a negative thought to a positive, lots of insight and a free CD (the exercise on page 30, “Replacing Your Shoulds” was worth the price of the book for me).

Affirmations are a great way to “feed your dream” and this is a great book to help you learn or enhance the process.

John & Linda Lapinski

When I was interviewing John and Linda Lapinski, Linda said something I just loved, “You need to feed your dream.” I loved it because their dream was to own a restaurant ( I love a good play on words) and I loved it because it is just so true.

That simple quote made me think about how people compartmentalize their lives and their dreams are sometimes “put on shelf” or “on the back burner.” Maybe you are in a place in your life where you do need to put the implementation of your dream on hold, but you still can feed it.

Talk about your dreams.

Write about your dreams.

Think about your dreams.

Read about things that support your dreams.

These simple actions will have you ready for when you can act. So get out there and feed those dreams. But remember; be careful what you wish for. Like John and Linda learned you never know when and how divine timing will come.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Freddie Mercury of QueenA few days ago, one of my Facebook buddies, Roxanne posted the following:

     Misses Freddie Mercury.

     That is all.

When I read that simple post, I thought about how much i too miss Freddie Mercury. The joy, spirit and soul he brought to his music was infectious. For those of you who may not know, Freddie Mercury was the lead singer and songwriter for the band Queen.

I knew that my “Uplifting” playlist had a few Queen songs in there and this month’s feature is one of my favorites.

“Don’t Stop Me Now,” was written by Freddie Mercury and released on the album “Jazz” in 1978.

The song starts out slow and melodic and then BAM! The song gets you moving and firing on all cylinders.

Here’s my favorite quasi chorus (Queen was not known for following the traditional format of verse and chorus style of songwriting so hence the quasi comment):

Don’t stop me now

I’m having such a good time. I’m having a ball.

Don’t stop me now

If you wanna have a good time, just give me a call.

Don’t stop me now

Cause I’m havin a good time

Don’t stop me now

Yes I’m havin a good time

I don’t want to stop at all

The reason I love this so is because we all have people in our lives who are Debbie Downers. You know who I’m talking about. Those people who love the drama and focus on the doom and gloom. And sometimes we succumb to that energy because it’s easier for us to come down to their energy level then to lift them to ours.

But how about instead we remind them that we are having a good time and we don’t want to stop having a good time. We want to stay in that space and if they too would like to be positive and enjoy life, then feel free to give me a call. Otherwise, don’t stop me. Maybe you can gift them the song from iTunes.

So thanks, Roxanne for the inspiration. Hmmm. Perhaps a song by The Police for next month….

The Compassionate Samurai

I love watching sports because you get to witness a team or individual striving for a goal. Win or lose, the athlete has moved in the direction of their goal. And the toughness of professional athletes just amazes me. They put it all, body and soul, on the line. That’s why they need people like Brad.

I’ve known Brad since the sixth grade. Close to thirty years. Witnessing his journey has been a thrill for me. I feel like a proud sibling when I think that Brad is working at such a high level in his field or when I spot him on TV. And I’m even doubly proud that he has a great family and two of the coolest boys you’ll ever meet.

So I wanted to pick a book that represented my friend and the profession he works in. I thought about the guts of the athlete and the guts that Brad had to pursue his dream and my mind went to one of my favorite books The Compassionate Samurai, by Brian Klemmer.

Samurai. Compassionate. Not two words that usually go together. Here’s how Mr. Klemmer defines a Compassionate Samurai; “a bold, ethical, results-producing person who makes a difference for others as well as himself.”

The book is organized around “the ten codes that a compassionate samurai lives by: commitment, personal responsibility, contribution, focus, honesty, honor, trust, abundance, boldness, and knowledge.” Before each chapter, Mr. Klemmer gives an analogy comparing the compassionate samurai to the average person. Here’s the one from the Abundance chapter:

 Compassionate samurai ask, “How can I?”

Average people ask, “Can I?”

This is a book that makes you think about how you are living your life. Are you making excuses or making progress? The hows are supported with lots of whats -exercises you can do to support each code.

So are you ready to be bold? Ready to produce results? Want to be like Brad, but need a little guidance? Let your research begin with this book.

Julia & Julia

Julia-JuliaThe inspirational movie of the month is: Julie & Julia

Released in 2009, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, the story parallels the lives of world renowned chef, Julia Child and a struggling, wanna-be writer, Julie Powell, respectively.

Julie’s connection with Julia Child begins when she decides to take on the challenge of cooking every recipe in Child’s famous Mastering the Art of French Cooking and blogging about each and every adventure. This project serves as a rebirth of her dream of being a writer.

As we are watching Julie’s story, we learn about Julia Child’s journey. How her passion for food lead her to taking cooking classes. How it took more than eight years for Mastering the Art of French Cooking to be published.

I loved watching the journeys of these women. So many of the scenes I felt related to my current journey as a new writer. There’s a scene where Julie is talking to her cube mate at work. She is so happy that she got twelve comments on one blog post and proclaims with a smile,” and I don’t know any of them.” I loved it when Julia was putting her manuscript in the box to send to yet another publisher and she says “I want to savor this moment when anything is possible.”

I also loved how the movie captured the relationship these ladies had with their husbands. They were both fortunate to have loving and supporting men at their sides to help them navigate their journeys. And I am happy to say that I could relate to this part of the movie as well. I have the best husband who, though I would never ask him to do it, would put the lobster in the pot.

So this month, go check out “Julie & Julia,” and Happy Birthday, Bill!