Julia & Julia

Julia-JuliaThe inspirational movie of the month is: Julie & Julia

Released in 2009, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, the story parallels the lives of world renowned chef, Julia Child and a struggling, wanna-be writer, Julie Powell, respectively.

Julie’s connection with Julia Child begins when she decides to take on the challenge of cooking every recipe in Child’s famous Mastering the Art of French Cooking and blogging about each and every adventure. This project serves as a rebirth of her dream of being a writer.

As we are watching Julie’s story, we learn about Julia Child’s journey. How her passion for food lead her to taking cooking classes. How it took more than eight years for Mastering the Art of French Cooking to be published.

I loved watching the journeys of these women. So many of the scenes I felt related to my current journey as a new writer. There’s a scene where Julie is talking to her cube mate at work. She is so happy that she got twelve comments on one blog post and proclaims with a smile,” and I don’t know any of them.” I loved it when Julia was putting her manuscript in the box to send to yet another publisher and she says “I want to savor this moment when anything is possible.”

I also loved how the movie captured the relationship these ladies had with their husbands. They were both fortunate to have loving and supporting men at their sides to help them navigate their journeys. And I am happy to say that I could relate to this part of the movie as well. I have the best husband who, though I would never ask him to do it, would put the lobster in the pot.

So this month, go check out “Julie & Julia,” and Happy Birthday, Bill!

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