The Compassionate Samurai

I love watching sports because you get to witness a team or individual striving for a goal. Win or lose, the athlete has moved in the direction of their goal. And the toughness of professional athletes just amazes me. They put it all, body and soul, on the line. That’s why they need people like Brad.

I’ve known Brad since the sixth grade. Close to thirty years. Witnessing his journey has been a thrill for me. I feel like a proud sibling when I think that Brad is working at such a high level in his field or when I spot him on TV. And I’m even doubly proud that he has a great family and two of the coolest boys you’ll ever meet.

So I wanted to pick a book that represented my friend and the profession he works in. I thought about the guts of the athlete and the guts that Brad had to pursue his dream and my mind went to one of my favorite books The Compassionate Samurai, by Brian Klemmer.

Samurai. Compassionate. Not two words that usually go together. Here’s how Mr. Klemmer defines a Compassionate Samurai; “a bold, ethical, results-producing person who makes a difference for others as well as himself.”

The book is organized around “the ten codes that a compassionate samurai lives by: commitment, personal responsibility, contribution, focus, honesty, honor, trust, abundance, boldness, and knowledge.” Before each chapter, Mr. Klemmer gives an analogy comparing the compassionate samurai to the average person. Here’s the one from the Abundance chapter:

 Compassionate samurai ask, “How can I?”

Average people ask, “Can I?”

This is a book that makes you think about how you are living your life. Are you making excuses or making progress? The hows are supported with lots of whats -exercises you can do to support each code.

So are you ready to be bold? Ready to produce results? Want to be like Brad, but need a little guidance? Let your research begin with this book.

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