John & Linda Lapinski

When I was interviewing John and Linda Lapinski, Linda said something I just loved, “You need to feed your dream.” I loved it because their dream was to own a restaurant ( I love a good play on words) and I loved it because it is just so true.

That simple quote made me think about how people compartmentalize their lives and their dreams are sometimes “put on shelf” or “on the back burner.” Maybe you are in a place in your life where you do need to put the implementation of your dream on hold, but you still can feed it.

Talk about your dreams.

Write about your dreams.

Think about your dreams.

Read about things that support your dreams.

These simple actions will have you ready for when you can act. So get out there and feed those dreams. But remember; be careful what you wish for. Like John and Linda learned you never know when and how divine timing will come.

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