Experience Your Good Now

As John and Linda were telling me how for years they would talk about moving to Maine, I thought about Louise L. Hay. Why? To me, Louise is the official Ambassador of Affirmations and John and Linda were doing affirmations.

Not sure what an affirmation is, let alone how to do it, well let me use Louise’s words from her book Experience Your Good Now to describe:

Doing affirmations is consciously choosing to think certain thoughts that will manifest positive results in the future. They create a focal point that will allow you to begin changing your thinking. Affirmative statements are going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now.

So see, John and Linda were talking and thinking about what their existence in Maine would be like. They were doing just what Louise describes above. They were creating their future through the words they used in the present.

There are twelve chapters in this gem of a book. First Louise talks about what affirmations are and how to do them, and then she gets into specific topics. Here’s a few that are included:

  • Health
  • Fearful Emotions
  • Addictions
  • Work
  • Aging
  • Love and Intimacy

She provides you with exercises, sample affirmations that turn a negative thought to a positive, lots of insight and a free CD (the exercise on page 30, “Replacing Your Shoulds” was worth the price of the book for me).

Affirmations are a great way to “feed your dream” and this is a great book to help you learn or enhance the process.

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