Brad Smith

Starting something new can be a scary thing. You may feel that you are in a vulnerable position because you don’t have all the answers. But as Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” Just look at Brad’s journey.

Brad had decided to make a huge shift in his life and he took the time to research, to gain the knowledge that would support his journey. I’m sure Brad had an edge over his fellow massage school classmates when he decided to study anatomy on his own before school started. I’m sure this boosted his confidence too. And when it came time to branch into Sports Therapy, Brad researched the people he needed to talk to and he started networking. He made the right connections and people took notice.

Researching what you want to do and where you want to go can eliminate a ton of fear. Imagine someone telling you to drive to a town that you’ve never been to without a map, no GPS, in the dark. That would be pretty darn scary. But what if you were given the time to research the route. Come up with directions. Even in the dark, it’s not a problem.

Do you give time to map out the directions of your dreams? Do you research the next steps or are you driving in the dark?

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