The Shift

The-ShiftThis month I’m featuring a film that’s not your typical movie studio release. This movie was released by the self-help publishing giant Hay House.

The movie is called The Shift and features Dr. Wayne Dyer and his teaching. Specifically what Dr. Dyer describes as making the shift from living your life from a place of ambition to a place of meaning. Not living for the external, the ego place of pushing. To shift to a place where your life has meaning. You live for something that feels bigger than you. Your thoughts focus on what gifts am I here to share and how can I serve.

Those are some big concepts to absorb, but through the movie we see people dealing with these very issues. They are at the tipping point, ready to make the shift. The stories and the people that are in the film help bring home Dr. Dyer’s teaching in a very unique way.

Here’s the link to the official website for The Shift. There you can watch the movie trailer, check out the cast (Portia De Rossi is in it), stream the movie, etc.

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