Nathalie Kalbach

Using old pictures from her great Aunt Margot is one of Nathalie’s favorite things to do. Nathalie pours her heart into these layouts and loves to capture the story behind the picture.

With one particular layout Nathalie decided to use safety pins as arrows to indicate where her Aunt Margot was in the picture. Cool, creative idea, right?

Well, on one message board, someone thought it was the worst idea ever and those safety pins ruined the layout. Nathalie was devastated. She so loved this layout and thought how could someone hate it so much? The harsh words and negative opinion really upset Nathalie. But soon Nathalie came to learn that was one persons opinion.. In August, 2007, Somerset Memories published the layout. Check it out here on Nathalie’s blog.

We’ve all had our own safety pin moments, but what have you done? Have you stopped singing because your second grade music teacher said you couldn’t sing? Do you think your hair is ugly because your high school crush said so? Have you stopped chasing your dream because someone told you that you’d never catch it? Are the opinions of others stopping you from using your safety pins? I say embrace your safety pins!

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