Sychronicity: The Police

Sychronicity-PoliceOK. I admit it. As a teenager, I first got into The Police because I thought Sting was hot. But I got hooked when I listened to the words of his songs. Here was a band that was making songs with words that I needed to look up in a dictionary.

I had no idea who Carl Jung was before I heard the song Synchronicity I. I had heard of the word “synchronicity,” but not really the concept; that there are times in our lives when we experience a meaningful coincidence. Sting describes it as

A connecting principle

Linked to the invisible

Almost imperceptible

Something inexpressible

Science insusceptible

Logic so inflexible

Causally connectible

Yet nothing is invincible

Isn’t it the coolest feeling when the phone rings and it’s the person you were just thinking about? That’s synchronicity.

I love to crank up this song and think about synchronicities I have experienced and wonder and hope that new ones will come.

And yes, I still think Sting is hot.

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