Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare-Before-ChristmasTim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, with it’s creepy creatures and greusome gouls, may not seem like the most obvious pick for an inspirational movie night, but stay with me.

First, I find the film to be visually inspiring. The time and effort to create this stop motion world is just mind blowing to me. It took two years to make the movie. Two years! I find myself getting frustrated when projects take longer than a few weeks. So I find great inspiration in that.

Then there’s the story itself. Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, the ruler of Halloween Town. The movie starts with Jack coming off of, yet again, another great Halloween. He should be happy. He should have a sense of accomplishment. But he doesn’t.

“Year after year it’s the same old thing,” Jack sings. He’s gotten to the point where he can excel without even trying. Frankly, he’s bored. He needs to mix things up bit. Get a change of scenery. And he gets just that in Christmas Town. He’s so inspired by the new sights, sounds, even smells, that Jack kidnaps “Sandie Claws.” He decides that he and the other inhabitants of Halloween Town can handle Christmas. Even do it better

Alas, it’s not the case. But don’t feel bad for Jack. By trying something new, he finds a new appreciation for what he has been doing. He’s re-charged his battery and finds love in the process.

So this month with the Halloween spirit still fresh and the Christmas spirit building, check out Tim Burton’s, The Nightmare Before Christmas and re-charge your own battery.

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