Joe Formola

My day job is environmental, health and safety consulting. This job can be hazardous at times. We never know what conditions a client site could be in, so our company requires all employees to take First Aid and CPR Training. These trainings, due to their technical nature, can sometimes be a little dry. My most recent experience was far from that. Joe was my trainer.

You could feel the enthusiasm from Joe as he walked us through the training. There was no way he was just going through the motions to collect a check. He wanted to share his knowledge and wanted us to learn so we would be able to go out and help others. There was no doubt that he had a passion for what he was doing.

Passion is a huge energetic force. When you have passion fatigue goes away. The right words appear and time moves much more quickly. Passion is a great ally, but don’t freak out when it’s gone missing. Like any energetic force, it waxes and wanes.

When Joe did the training at my work, he was running on just a few hours of sleep. He had spent the night riding with a rescue squad and he was beat. Do you think he woke up with a deep passion to give this class to me and my colleagues? So where did this passion come from that I saw that day?

To harness the energy of passion effectively, people like Joe have learned to use it as one uses a dimmer switch to control electricity. They know the tools, tricks and rituals that will help them turn up the volume when needed (for Joe it was a simple cup of coffee that morning). They turn it down to conserve it. There is a balance. It’s not on all the time in full blast mode nor is it off for good. They regulate passion and ramp it up when they want to or have to.

So take the time to learn how to use your own passion dimmer switch. Don’t waste passion by feeling you need to have it on at all times, but know you can access it when you need it.

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