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Racheal Namatovu

Racheal’s story reminded me of all the angels that cross our paths. Would Racheal have thought of starting a tree farm if she had not met Uncle Akim? I wouldn’t have known about Racheal if I hadn’t met a friend of hers, Connie Marchek and the power of Facebook.

Connie posted pictures of Racheal at her tree farm on Facebook. I was reading Connie’s description of Racheal’s endevour and I thought that Racheal was SoulMate material for sure. Now, I hope you are wondering how I met Connie. I hope you’re wondering, because I’m about to tell you.

Last May I attended a conference in Toronto, Canada, sponsored by the self-help publishing giant, HayHouse, called “I Can Do It.” This conference featured all the big authors of HayHouse, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Sonia Choquette, the founder of HayHouse, Louise Hay, just to name a few. It’s three days filled with lectures, workshops, and lots of self-discovery.

Now it would be a cool story if I told you Connie and I just happened to sit next to each other and that’s how we met. Or if I bumped into her and we started a conversation. But something cooler happened.

Connie overheard me having a conversation with Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl is a NY Times best-selling author. She’ been featured on Oprah, The Today show. We’re talking big time. Well, I won tickets to this conference from Cheryl and I was in her book signing line to thank her. I, of course, was overly excited and Cheryl and I were waving to my Mom, so no wonder Connie heard that I had won these tickets.

As I was leaving the line, Connie stopped me to congratulate me. I was pressed for time because my next workshop was about to start and I had no idea where my Mom and I needed to be. But something slowed me down and though our conversation was short, I knew I liked Connie and I gave her my SOUL card. We became friends on Facebook and, well you know the rest.

These angels, these potential SoulMates, cross our paths all the time. Are you rushing through life that you don’t even see them? Or do you brush them and their opinions off? Open your eyes and your hearts. The universe is always working for you.

Oh and I come to find out that Connie and I have a ton in common. We love nature, hiking, traveling and we both worked for the same corporation. She in MA and me in NJ.



It’s A Wonderful Life

Movie Poster From "It's A Wonderful Life"

I consider myself a writer, story teller or as my good friend Frank says, a spiritual publicist. So when I think about “It’s A Wonderful Life,” I am so inspired that a story can be written about someone wanting to end his life and that story becomes one of the most beloved Christmas movies.

After doing a

quick Google search, I found out that Philip Van Doren Stern wrote a story called “The Greatest Gift.” It was this story that served as the inspiration for the movie. The Wikipedia entry for Philip Van Doren Stern says that he couldn’t find a publisher for the story. I bet the publishers said to Philip that suicide and Christmas just don’t go together. So instead of just filing away the story, Philip took a creative approach and included the story in Christmas cards. One of the cards ended up with som

eone from a movie studio. What a creative solution! I now love the movie even more.

Here’s a clip from the film. It’s pretty much the entire ending.


Two things I love about this clip. I love the toast George’s brother makes. In case you haven’t seen the movie, George isn’t financially the richest person in town. Mr. Potter (the bad guy) is, but George’s brother and the rest of George’s friends and family know that George is really the richest guy in town. The second, is the inscription in the book from Clarence. Again for those of you that haven’t seen the movie, Clarence is the angel who helps George see his life and realize he sure does have a wonderful life. And if you haven’t seen the movie, why not? : )

Here’s to all my readers, my friends and family who make my life a wonderful one!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!