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Wendy Franciso

Wendy Franciso and CaspianThe creative process is always a wonder to me. Where does a song come from? The brain all of the sudden puts all the pieces in place and viola’, a song is written.

Wendy’s voila’ happened while eating dinner. She put her fork down and said I have to go write a song. Have you experienced those viola’ moments, but just kept eating?

As I delve more and more into SOUL, I realize that I am not just a writer, I am a storyteller. As I get dressed in the morning and see a dress or a pair of shoes, I just start making up a story. Most of the time they are just little stories that make me laugh, but sometimes I surprise myself. The hairs on my arms stand up and I say “Oh, Karen, that’s good. You should write that down.” But the majority of the time, I don’t. I tell myself I’ll do it later. I’ll write it down when I get to the office or during lunch.

But if and when I finally give myself the time, some of the real gems, those precious details are already gone. Then, I usually get rather cranky and my motivation for the rest of the day is shot.

I am now finally learning that giving myself that time when the idea is fresh, even if it’s going to make me late for work or the floors get vacuumed the next day, I and those around me will be better for it. As Wendy said, “You must plant your own garden first.”

So plant that garden. Put down the fork. Honor that creative force inside you.

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

I was making a list of all the songs I featured in 2010 and I was shocked that I haven’t featured a Beatles song yet for my monthly music post.

The Beatles were an inspiration to me as a kid. I was probably in second grade when I started listening the Beatles all the time. I loved listening to the orchestration that they brought into their music. The songs were so dimensional even to my grade school head. I can’t fathom the numbers of times I listened to Abbey Road.

I was just telling someone this week that till this day when I listen to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” I still think there is an extra beat in the song (you see my album had a scratch in it and would skip right on beat). Not to worry, my reader. I’m not losing it. “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is not the inspirational song of the month.

The song I picked is “All You Need is Love.”

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.

Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game

It’s easy.

There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made.

No one you can save that can’t be saved.

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you

in time – It’s easy.

All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Love is the passion that you feel. The drive for that certain project that makes you able to stay up all night writing, painting, designing, whatever. All you need is that love. Use that feeling as your compass, because if you love that thing that you want to do, want to be, it’s easy.

The Artist’s Way

Artist-WayTo be an artist one must create. It can be anything. A painting, a song, a book, an article, a safe place for people, a great meal for the family. Anything.

But what if you feel that creative energy has left you or you feel blocked to the creative source? You read a story like Wendy’s and lament, “I never get cool ideas over dinner.”

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron presents a twelve-week course “in discovering and recovering your creative self.”

Cameron writes;

Many of us wish we were more creative. Many of us sense we are more creative, but unable to effectively tap that creativity Our dreams elude us. Our lives feel somehow flat. Often, we have great ideas, wonderful dreams, but are unable to actualize them for ourselves…While there is no quick fix for instant, pain-free creativity, creative recovery (or discovery) is a teachable, trackable spiritual process.

Cameron utilizes two “pivotal tools” in this course: morning pages and the artist date. Morning pages are 3 pages of long hand, stream of consciousness writing. The artist date is a date with yourself and your inner artist. No friends, no spouse, no kids.

With these tools and multiple tasks, quizzes and exercises, the book helps to loosen up your creative pathways. Soon you feel less blocked and ready to claim your art.

Founder’s Note: I had a real cool thing happen to me when picking a book to accompany Wendy’s story. This book, The Artist’s Way, jumped out at me. I thought no because I was saving this book for an upcoming SoulMate (you’ll see why later this year). But the urge to the grab the book was too strong. So next thing I know the book is in hand and I’m flipping through it deciding if this is the book I should use. Then I see it. I had one of those cool goose bump moments. Julia Cameron wrote a book called “God is Dog Spelled Backwards.” I had no idea. That was enough for me. The decision was made.

Field of Dreams

I think about my SoulMates all the time. I’m so proud of what they have built and continue to build. One day as I was thinking about my first SoulMate, Cuky Choquette Harvey. She is taking what she has learned and now is building a school to teach others the art of lomi lomi. As I was thinking about Cuky and her passion to build a vehicle to pass on her knowledge, I thought about the quote from the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams; “If you build it he will come.”

Ray an Iowa farmer, played by Kevin Costner, is out in his cornfield when he first hears it. The voice. “If you build it he will come.”

Build what? Who will come? This is stupid. I must be crazy.  All these things run through Ray’s mind. But the voice won’t stop and soon he knows what he needs to do. He plows under a major portion of his crop to build a baseball field in hopes that Shoeless Joe Jackson will have another chance to play baseball. You see Joe Jackson was banned from baseball in 1921. He played for the White Socks and in 1919; he and 8 of his teammates were accused of throwing the World Series.

So even though there is some doubt in his mind, Ray builds the field. Time passes and no Shoeless Joe. As Ray and wife are reviewing their financial situation, they realize they need the acreage of the ball field for their crop or they will go bankrupt. Their daughter tries a few times to interrupt this heavy conversation. Finally she tells them, there is a man on the field. And that man is Shoeless Joe Jackson. Shoeless Joe is so happy to play again that he asks Ray if he is in heaven. Shoeless Joe brings others players to the field as well. They start having games which Ray and his family watch. But there are people that come to the field and can’t see the players. They can’t see the dream.

Do you have that voice in you telling you to do something? Are there people in your life who can’t see your dream? If you need a lift, some inspiration to follow that voice, seek out Field of Dreams and let me know what you plan to build in 2011.