Wendy Franciso

Wendy Franciso and CaspianThe creative process is always a wonder to me. Where does a song come from? The brain all of the sudden puts all the pieces in place and viola’, a song is written.

Wendy’s voila’ happened while eating dinner. She put her fork down and said I have to go write a song. Have you experienced those viola’ moments, but just kept eating?

As I delve more and more into SOUL, I realize that I am not just a writer, I am a storyteller. As I get dressed in the morning and see a dress or a pair of shoes, I just start making up a story. Most of the time they are just little stories that make me laugh, but sometimes I surprise myself. The hairs on my arms stand up and I say “Oh, Karen, that’s good. You should write that down.” But the majority of the time, I don’t. I tell myself I’ll do it later. I’ll write it down when I get to the office or during lunch.

But if and when I finally give myself the time, some of the real gems, those precious details are already gone. Then, I usually get rather cranky and my motivation for the rest of the day is shot.

I am now finally learning that giving myself that time when the idea is fresh, even if it’s going to make me late for work or the floors get vacuumed the next day, I and those around me will be better for it. As Wendy said, “You must plant your own garden first.”

So plant that garden. Put down the fork. Honor that creative force inside you.

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