What the Bleep Do We Know?

What-the-BleepHow about spending sometime this month learning about physics? For those of you that run at the thought of a science class, just breathe.

This physics class comes in the form of a movie, starring both Marlee Matlin and quantum physics. Not your normal co-stars, but they work wonders together.

In the movie/documentary “What tнē Bleep Dө ωΣ (k)πow!?,” we follow Marlee Matlin’s character, Amanda, a photographer who is feeling like life is out to get her. She questions why things don’t go her way. Why does she feel so negative? Can it be that it is she, her own thoughts that are creating the reality that she is experiencing?

That is the question that the scientists in “Bleep” are trying to prove. Their various studies are proving that the mind is a powerful machine. It is the beginning of creation. It is where ideas come from, no? But where does that leave religion and God?

The movie has been criticized for containing “pseudoscience,” says Richard Dawkins. But come on, how in depth in science can a movie/documentary get in 109 minutes?

So open your mind to some quantum physics basics. You’ll leave this movie probably with more questions then answers. Many theories and studies will be presented to ponder. They’ll be no test at the end of the movie, unless you want one.

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