ParenthoodMother’s Day is here and to honor all you great moms out there I thought this month I would pick a movie that featured some wise and inspirational moms. So I chose “Parenthood,” starring Steve Martin, as Gil Buckman. Gil is a worrywart who stresses when things don’t go as planned. Strange choice you may be thinking with the lead being a male, but keep reading.

We all know life can get messy at times, but the mothers in this movie always seem to be able to see through the mess and revel in its imperfections. They find a way to not only get through the day’s struggles but to use those struggles to benefit of their kids.

In one pivotal scene of the movie, chaos is reigning in the Buckman household. In the midst of this chaos, the Great Grandmother of the family tells Gil a story about how she loved riding rollercoasters when she was young. She vividly describes the thrill of going up and down in a rollercoaster-thinking what a thrill it is to be both frightened and invigorated at the same time. At the time of her sweet soliloquy, Gil thinks she nuts. Can’t she see the craziness that is surrounding him?

The movie has great side stories that move the family in all different directions. Many highs and lows. Twist and turns. Happy and sad.

But in the end Gil realizes the reason for the Great Grandmother’s story. Its the highs and lows-the ups and downs that makes life exciting and gives us opportunity to be invigorated by its power and live in its joy. Those are the times that feed your SOUL.

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