SoulMate Update – Michael Chase

Michael ChaseOn May 14th, 2011, our very own, Michael J. Chase of The Kindness Center, was a speaker at the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto, Canada. This conference is run by Hay House, which is the pinnacle in the self-empowerment field. So it is no stretch to say that Michael was now playing in the big leagues.

In his book, am I being kind, Michael has a chapter entitled “From Toll House to Hay House.” This chapter describes how this all happened. How he got called up from the minor leagues. Michael was a star in his own back yard. He had done the work, lived his mission and was ready for the call.

I was lucky enough, thanks to free tickets from Cheryl Richardson, to be in the audience for Michael’s first at bat. And let me tell you my friends, he hit it out of the park.

There were tears and laughter. An “I get it,” looks on peoples faces. Lots of note taking and lots of books purchased!

It was so special for me to be there. You see I was there at the Movers & Shakers event where Michael was discovered by Hay House. The scouting team saw him and scooped him up. Not because he was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, though he was. It was because he had done the work. He was prepared. There’s a great quote I heard Sting say it goes something like this; “The first time you can be lucky, then you must be prepared.”

How many of us when we think about our goals and dreams fantasize about being discovered? We sit in front of our computers and say someday an agent will represent me and sell my book, but what have you written? You make a beautiful art and dream of how someone will pay big bucks for it, but it still sits in your basement never seeing the light of day.

Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is great. We need to use our imagination to help formulate our dreams, but don’t stop there. Execute those dreams. Break them down. Take small steps.

It gave me such hope to see Michael up there on stage. I was at the Movers & Shakers conference with Michael and look what happened to him! I know I’m not ready for the big leagues yet, but I’m gonna do the work so I will be ready when I get the call.



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