Erricka Bridgeford

I was really struck by Erricka’s opening line for her Live Out Loud workshop, “I am whole.  I am complete.”

If today, you had to stand in front of an audience, with your arms stretched out wide declaring, “I am whole.  I am complete,” could you do it?

For me there are some days I can and some days I can’t.  As I write this, today is a day I couldn’t.  Life, as it tends to do, has revealed to me in the last few days a corner of my life where I am not living in integrity.   I’m going to deal with this and once stuff has been cleaned up, I’ll be able to make my declaration.  But does that mean at this moment I’m not whole, I’m not complete?  No.  I just need a little life tune-up.

Just like your a car, your life needs tune-ups.  If you brought your car in for a tune-up but told the mechanic to ignore the oil filter, that cruddy filter will eventually cause the whole car to break down.  I admit it.  I have a filter I ignored, some crud in my life that I need to repair.

So if like me, you initially answered no to my question, it is time for you to be  your own mechanic and diagnose where you have crud in your life.  Start by asking yourself some simple questions;

  • Why did I say no?
  • Why don’t I feel whole/complete?

Write it down.  Have a conversation with yourself.   What you’ll discover is the area of your life that needs a good tune-up.

Keep Feeding Your SOUL!


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