I Am….KC Mojo

My Alter Ego - KC MojoI have one.  Erricka Bridgeford has one. Beyonce had one?  Do you?

I’m talking about an alter ego.  Erricka’s is Wonder Voice. Mine is KC Mojo.  Beyonce had Sasha Fierce.

Yes, “had” is the right word for Sasha Fierce.  In an interview with Allure magazine this year, Beyonce said “I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I’ve grown and now I’m able to merge the two.”

The “two” she is speaking about is her shy side and that sexy, courageous and fierce personality she portrays on stage.  Years ago, Beyonce couldn’t own that strong, that fierce part of her so Sasha Fierce was born.

KC Mojo is the decisive part of me.  I tend to not want to make a decision because I want to know what the end result of that decision will be.  But, KC Mojo doesn’t care.  She cuts through the bull shit like a ninja warrior.  She is in service to kings and queens.  She is grounded in her power.

Erricka came up with Wonder Voice as a take off of Wonder Woman.  Wonder Voice uses her voice like a mighty laser.  Wonder Voice projects positivity into a negative world.  Erricka is still building her platform as an inspirational speaker, still looking for those opportunities and knowing that the day will come when she will no longer have to look, the people/opportunities will come to her.  But for today, Wonder Voice reminds her to use the gift that she has been given in service to the world.

I think Erricka and I will be able to shed ourselves of our alter egos someday.  For like Beyonce, we will have completely merged the two parts.  But for now they serve a purpose for us and lets face it, it’s just fun plain ole fun to have an alter ego.  So who will your alter ego be?

Oh and incase you are wondering, yes that is a picture of KC Mojo I drew a few years back.  Any offers of a better rendering would be most appreciated.  KC Mojo deserves to look better than that.


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