I’m Coming Out on Hay House Radio!

Hay House Radio


All of my favorite teachers are on Hay House Radio.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Sonia Choquette, Marianne Williamson, Robert Holden.  One of my new found teachers is Karen McCrocklin, the host of a show called Out From the Inside.  Her show is a forum for the spiritual side of coming out.  No, I’m not gay, but the issues on her show apply to anyone who wants to come out.  Come out of a bad job, change careers, leave a bad relationship.  The energy and soul work is the same no matter what box you need to come out of.  Karen is a straight shooter with lots of energy and her show is a lot of fun.

A few weeks ago, Karen posted that she was running a contest to interview her, live on Hay House Radio.  When I saw this, I was thrilled.  This is perfect! With the launch of my new and improved website, I knew it was time to expand my audience. I needed to start talking about SOUL to the masses.  But then I froze.  I am still the closeted Founder of SOUL.  I still have a fulltime job.  Can I come out on this show and tell thousands of people about SOUL?

At that moment, my SOUL spoke to me.  It said, YES and at that moment I knew I was going to win.  I submitted the required information and a few days later received an email saying the winner would be randomly selected.  For a second I thought, crap.  But then I shifted back to that energy.  Back to that feeling that I knew I would win.   And I did.

So join me this Wednesday at Noon, EST on Hay House Radio.  I will be co-hosting the hour with my new found SoulMate, Rick Clemons, the “Coming Out Coach.”  I will be hosting the first segment of the show, so don’t be late for my coming out party on Hay House Radio.


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