Fortune Mutiti

This summer my family and I took a vacation to Walt Disney World and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Right outside your room and all throughout the lodge are these great viewing areas of animals.  One day I was watching the sweetest Abyssinian ground hornbill gather up twigs and one of the Cultural Representatives came over to tell be about this most impressive bird.

Being the Disney Geek that I am, I knew that this very nice and knowledgeable man was from somewhere in Africa.  I asked him how he came to have this job.  I asked this simple question and for the next several minutes I was taken on a journey.  He told me that he got to where he was today because he had achieved three major goals.  He told his story to me with such clarity that I was blown away.  Each goal was built off the previous goal and each goal stretched him to broaden his horizons, so broad that he now found himself in another country.

I thought man, this dude needs to be a SoulMate.  Thankfully I had some SOUL business cards on me and told him about my site.  Then he told me that the name on his badge, Mutiti, was his sir name.  His first name was Fortune.  A guy named Fortune a SoulMate, how much better does it get.

So here are the lessons I learned from Fortune:

  • You are more likely to achieve your goals if you are clear and fully understand what you want to achieve.
  • How everyone has a story to tell.  You just need to ask them about it and be willing to listen.
  • It’s always a good idea for me to carry SOUL business cards.
  • And that the Abyssinian ground hornbill has an actual horn on the top of his head.

Abyssinian ground hornbill

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