As I was preparing for this month’s movie post, I was thinking back to the movies that inspired me as a kid.  Immediately a theme song started playing in my head and my SOUL felt fed.  I’m talking about Rocky!

I remember seeing Rocky with my family as a kid in 1976.  We didn’t go to the theater that much, but my Dad really wanted to see this movie.  He was a star athlete in high school and the idea of this guy, this unknown, getting a shot at the heavyweight title of the world really hit home with him.  By the end of the movie, the whole theater was going crazy.  Everyone was standing, cheering and even crying.  Rocky went the distance with Creed and we were all proud.

I haven’t watched the movie for a long time and I’m real glad I watched it again.  This time I cheered for Rocky for tapping into his heart.  Rocky is guy with low self-esteem. Mickey thinks he’s a bum.  His friend’s sister, Marie, calls him a creep-o.  He’s a good-looking guy and he can’t even get the girl he likes to go out with him.

To even stand in the ring with Creed, he has to dig deep.  He knows he can’t beat Creed, but he knows he has the heart, the will, to go the distance.

This is a great movie to watch if you are thinking of started something new or embarking on some sort change.  Not sure if want to start a business or write that book?  Take some time watch Rocky and ask yourself if you have the heart to go the distance.  By the end of the movie, you’ll be cheering for Rocky and maybe even yourself.

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