Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success

The book Change Anything:  The New Science of Personal Success was authored by researchers and leaders of the training company VitalSmarts.

The goal of the book is to get people out of the willpower trap.  We’ve all said it and we’ve all heard a million times when someone doesn’t lose the weight, succumbs to an addiction or spends more than their budget;  “I guess that I just don’t have the willpower.”

These researchers specialize in the science of human behavior and in this book they want to teach you to be a researcher as well.  They want you to research yourself and determine what type of “Change Plan” will work best for you.  Meaning what things, tools, tricks will influence you to make the change you desire.

The components of a Change Plan are:

  1. Goal Statement
    Your must develop a clear, measurable statement with a definite due date.
  2. Identify Crucial Moments
    Determine the moments that create “the greatest temptation for you.”  For example, do you sabotage your diet at 3:00 at the vending machine or are you a night eater?
  3. Vital Behaviors
    “A vital behavior is any high-leverage action that will lead you to the result you want.  Crucial Moments tell you when you’re at risk.  Vital behaviors tell you what to do.”  So if you are a night eater, you might establish a vital behavior of going to bed earlier.
  4. Utilization of the Six Sources of Influence
    The researchers have established six sources that when used together has shown to motivate and even enable change.

For more on the book and a list of the Six Sources of Influence, check out

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