Where’s My Fortune?

The other day, I was enjoying some chinese food with my Dad and husband.  My favorite part of ordering chinese is cracking the fortune cookie at the end of the meal.  I’ll take tidbits of wisdom and inspiration whenever I can, even if it’s from a cookie.  Plus they’re just plain fun.

Anyway, I crack open my cookie and guess what?  No fortune!  I broke the cookie into more pieces (where the heck I thought the paper was hiding, I don’t know).

“Where’s my fortune?”  I asked the boys.

My Dad, the pessimist said, “Your number’s up, Pal.”

My husband, Bill, said, “No.  Let’s see what it means.”  He pulled out his iPhone to google “what it means when a fortune cookie has no fortune.”  He will find any reason to play with that phone.

I few taps and  Bill had found an internet answer.  “Something completely amazing is about to happen to you.  So amazing, that not even a fortune cookie can contain it.”

Ok, so he got this from answers.com.  Maybe not the most reliable source on the Internet, but as you know I believe in divine guidance. I believe that the universe is always sending us signs; we just have to be open to hear them, see them and feel them.  And I felt that this was, is, my fortune.

So I walk into 2012 ready to be amazed!

Happy New Year!

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