Soul Surfer

I figure it is fitting that the first movie for 2012 has the word “Soul” in the title.

Soul Surfer is the story of Bethany Hamilton and is based on the book of the same title.  Here’s the breakdown.

The movie starts with Bethany talking about how she must have saltwater in her veins and how catching that perfect wave is just pure joy.  At thirteen, Bethany knew what her passion was and it was surfing.

One day while training for a regional surfing competition, a shark bites off Bethany’s arm. Now what? She struggles to understand why this happened to her?  Is it possible to surf with one arm?  Is her dream of being a professional surfer over?

Pretty much from the moment that she is physically healed, Bethany is ready to get back in the water.  We follow her on her journey.  It starts with acceptance and then amazingly back to surfing competition.

Watching this movie made me think of the level of passion I have for certain things in my own life. What would I re-enter shark infested waters for? What would I go back to even if I lost a part of myself doing it? What would I be willing to reinvent, because I love it so much?

Though this movie may have a target audience of teenage girls, I am sure that it will stoke the souls of any viewer.  Hang ten!

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