Karen McCrocklin

When I interviewed Karen McCrocklin she must have said “authentic” a gazillion times.  OK.  Maybe a few dozen.  But there is no doubt that authenticity is a theme in her life.  She is connected to that energy and makes changes in her life when the connection to that energy is waffling or isn’t there.

After the interview that word “authentic” stuck with me.  I started to think about areas of my life that do not feel authentic.  One that jumped out was my job.  I am an environmental consultant by day, but I dream of more.  Of being a writer and taking my passion that is SOUL on the road.  That is my dream and I am taking the necessary steps to make that dream a reality.

But today I need this job.  So I decided to dissect my job.  Figure out the parts of it that make me happy.  Those parts that when I do them, I feel authentic.  So here’s what I came up with.

  • I choose this field because I am a tree hugger to the core.  I love nature and I want to protect it.
  • My job gives me a chance to be of service.  I like the assignments where I know I am truly helping my client, not just filling out a report that no one really cares about.
  • I have a team of people that report to me and I love coaching them.  I have a few kids right out of college that I just love to mentor.

For the past few weeks, I have really been staying in tune with this energy, this feeling of authenticity at work.  I have been delegating more and ensuring that I put some energy towards at least one of those above bullets points daily.

And when I do, I can hear Karen in my head cheering “UBU, Baby!”

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