The Language of Lipstick

I was feeling a little blue the other day.  Stuff wasn’t happening like I had planned.  I hadn’t heard back from a few potential SoulMates on interviews.  My Dad is having surgery.  My job is uber busy and my clients are not happy about my in and out schedule of late to support my Dad.

With my head hanging low, I thought about what I could do to lift my spirits.  Zumba.  I love it. Dancing.  Sweating.  Loud music.  I look at the clock and realized it was too late.  I’d never make it to class. Now what?  Lipstick.   A new lipstick always makes me feel good.  So off I go in search of a lipstick to brighten not only my lips, but my day.

In the car, my ipod is dead which equals no podcasts or my music.  Every station on the radio has a commercial.  I think I even hit every red light.  My pity party was still in full swing.  But things were about to change.

As I am searching for that happy color, the words on a particular tube jump out at me.  See the picture?  The freakin lipstick is called “soulmate.”  I nearly fell over.  I declared the pity party to be over.  Paid for my lipstick and sang the 70s classic “Signs” as I walked to my car.  Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

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