Liz Byrne

It wasn’t easy for Liz Byrne to get off the busy treadmill.  A life of busy, a life of doing protects us.  It prevents us from learning our story.  Even when you start doing your soul work, it is real easy to go back to busy.

See doing soul work can, at times, really rock your foundation.  You realize that how you react to something has nothing to do with you or your feelings.  You realize that your reaction to things can have it roots in the weirdest places.  Like from the one time back in third grade when your teacher told you cheated.  That’s what happened to me with writing.  (You can read about my third grade story here)

I used to have a hissy fit when I had to write a paper in school or write a procedure for work.  I thought I was terrible at it.  Then one day, I can’t even remember who said it, someone told me I was a really good writer.  I started to evaluate my work and I realized that that person was right.  I started to wonder where and when did I put this thought in my head. Third grade!  How crazy is that?  One comment back in 1977 could run rough shot over my thinking?

That realization happened to me back in 1995.  After I released myself from the label of a bad writer, I was flooded with story ideas.  I didn’t know what to do with them all so I started taking writing classes.  I have been honing my craft in between being busy for all these years.  I still struggle with letting go of being busy.

So after I wrote Liz’s story I thought about how she boiled down what she wanted to be in three words.  What are my three words I wondered?  Storyteller was the first word that came to me.  I had to sit with this concept a bit to discover my other two words.  Then it hit me.  I want to be a peaceful, inspirational, storyteller.  And now I affirm I AM a peaceful, inspirational, storyteller.  Thanks, Liz.

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