Those of you who have been with me for a while know how much I love synchronistic events.  Well my latest one is tied to this month’s song post.

I was driving in the car thinking, OK stressing a bit, about my song post for this month.  I worry if my monthly music posts excite people.  Does anyone care about these posts?  Do they help people?

I catch myself and I quiet my monkey mind (that’s what I call it when my thoughts are all over the place).  I know how music helps lift my SOUL, so inspirational music I shall post.  Then my iPod shuffles to a great song from the 80’s, “Fascination,” by The Human League.

Then my monkey mind butts in again.  Is it a song people will know?  Do you want to feature this song because you like it?  Now I’m not sure what to do.  So I park the idea.  This was Friday.

Jump to today, Sunday.  I know I want to get this post up today.  What should I do?  So I find myself vegging in front of the TV (because that’s what I do when I can’t decide what to do), and what do I hear, “Fascination.”  The song is being featured in a commercial for Kingsford Charcoal.  OK.  Got the message loud and clear.  This month’s song is “Fascination.”

The techno 80’s pop in this song brings me right back to high school.  I love the idea of this song, of feeling fascination.  I sing these lyrics and I want to find something to be fascinated about.

Keep feeling fascination

Passion burning

Love so strong

Keep feeling fascination

Looking learning

Moving on

Copied from MetroLyrics.com


Oh and here’s the commercial.

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