Siobhan Coulter

My interview with Siobhan Coulter was just plain fun.  We shared stories and talked about how we both wanted to write children’s books.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the interviews I do for SOUL, but Siobhan had such a joy about her that it was, well . . . fun.

The day after my interview with Siobhan, I was still riding high on the fun vibe as I was getting ready for work.  My mind started up with “You’re not going to have that kind of fun today.”  My mind was right, but I realized I can inject some kind of fun into the day.  I then set the challenge for myself to have fun at work.

I thought about the ideas Siobhan gave on finding your bliss and I remembered what she said about music.  Since I write about music monthly here on SOUL, it’s pretty evident that I too believe in the power of music to lift the spirit and feed your SOUL.

So that day at work, though I usually have music playing, I decided to crank it up just a little louder.  That got the attention of a guy in my office who is in his 20’s.  He heard, Gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know, eminimating from my office.  He stopped and we both shared our obession with this song.  We talked music for just a few minutes and you know what I had fun.

Insert some fun into your life everyday.  It feeds the SOUL.

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