We Bought A Zoo

Why not.  It’s a perfectly good answer to give to people when they ask those certain kind of questions. You know.  Those questions when the inquisiter has already formed their opinion, but perhaps they are curious to what you will say.  They ask things like:

–  Why did you quit your job?

–  Why are you dating her?

–  Why did you cut your hair?

–  Why are you writing a children’s book when it is so hard to get them published?


That last one someone just said to me this week.  And my reply, “Why not.”

Now I have to admit, had that same person asked me that question a few weeks back, I would have given them a long winded reply of how I bellieve in myself and my story.  How I have done my research, etc..  But my retort of “Why not,” was inspired by a movie I recently watched; We Bought a Zoo. “Why not.”  That’s the response Benjamin Mee, played by Matt Damon, gives when asked “Why did you buy this zoo?”

The story follows the Mee family.  A family  grieving the loss of their spouse/mother.  A family embarking on a new adventure.  The movie has a fun cast of characters.  A bear, zebras, an ageing tiger, peacocks, and a bunch of fun humans too.

It’s a movie about courage.  Taking risks.  Benjamin sums it up when he gives this advice to his teenage son. “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it.”

So when someone asks you why you are going to watch We Bought A Zoo this month, just answer “Why not.”


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