Here’s something I haven’t shared before.  I am a huge hockey fan.  My favorite team, the New Jersey Devils, is currently in the finals of the National Hockey League’s 2011 – 2012 season, playing for the Stanley Cup.  So maybe it is because I have hockey on the brain that this month I choose the 2004 movie Miracle to profile this month.

Miracle follows the hockey team that the United States assembled to compete in the 1980 Winter Olympics.  The team comprised of college hockey players from all over the United States.  These guys didn’t know each other and never played together.  Their task at hand was to play against teams like the Soviet Union, teams that were built by their governments to win.

I know my readers are smart, so I bet you can guess that the United States brought forth a miracle.  They defeated the Soviet Union to make it to gold medal round of the Olympic games.   The United States then defeated Finland to win the gold medal.  Beating the Soviet Union, a team that dominated the sport for years and years, and then getting the gold, well it was miraculous.

Now some of you may be thinking I know how the movie ends, I’m not into hockey, so why should I watch this movie? Yes it’s a movie about hockey, but at its core, it’s a movie about how people can come together as a team.  It is reminder that if you want something, you need to work for it.  Put these things together and miracles can happen.


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