Bill Auld

Bill AuldIdeas.  I love when I get an idea.  Do you wonder where they come from?  I did.  So a few years ago I started to track where my own ideas come from.  Each time I had an idea I would stop and say “Hmm.  Where did that come from?”  This very non-scientific analysis lead me to the conclusion that ideas originate from either the heart or the head.  Further analysis and the application of the pythagorean theorem also revealed that the place of origin aside, the heart and head want to be involved in all of your ideas.  Let’s apply my theory to our newest SoulMate, Bill Auld.

Now, if you don’t already know, Bill is my husband. I was there when Bill first had the idea to create a charity to honor his Pop and I know this idea started in his heart.  How does an idea start in the heart you ask?  To answer that question I looked to science.  In Bill’s case when his Pop died, he had a hole in his heart.   I learned in my very scientific college science classes (I seriously majored in environmental science) that nature abhors a vacuum/void.  So the idea of starting the charity I believe was manifested in his heart to to fill the void of Pop’s passing.

Bill’s heart created grandiose plans where all his family would be joined in group hug.  The idea was just beautiful, pure love while living in the heart.  There his idea lived, until the head got a hold of it.  The head started asking hard questions.

  • What do you know about running a charity?
  • What is the charity going to do?
  • Who would give you money when there are other worthy and well known charities already in existence?

The head can appear to be mean at times and act as if it wants to squash your idea.  But the head/brain is our protector.  It doesn’t want you to get hurt.  It wants you to be cautious.  Be smart.  The head wants to bring you back to reality.

For several years I watched Bill’s idea bounce between his heart and his head.  Bill would see his grandmother and it would be back in his heart.  He would get busy at his job and think that he would never have the time to run a charity and  back it would go to his head.  The heart would always hold on to a piece of the idea, but the head and it’s hard questions would cause the dreaded analysis paralysis syndrome.

How did Bill finally create the charity?  Move it from an idea to something real?  It when he was able to have the idea live equally in his head and his heart.  With the help of a coach, Bill was able to balance the passion in his heart with the analysis of his brain.  His heart kept him going when the IRS almost denied them their 501(c)(3) status.  His head helped him focus the direction of charity to something that was actionable by him and his family.

So where ever your idea is born, the heart or the head, you need to discover what you need to do to bring these powerful allies together.  And no I didn’t use the pythagorean theory to reach this conclusion.  It was just a funny idea my brain came up with while writing this piece.  Turns out my heart thought it was funny too.  I love ideas.


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