Beyonce Challenge

I created SOUL to inspire people to live their vision of excellence.  I did it for you, but also for me.  I feel the best leaders, the people who can be the catalyst for change, are those who lead by example.  So if I’m going to tell you to be your best, I need to be as well.  I found myself feeling a bit hypocritical a few months ago, especially in one area of my life, my physical health.  I could not inspire myself to do the things I need to do to get me into great shape, mainly eat better and exercise more.

When I feel frustrated about something, I have learned to recognize it and sit with it.  I need to literally sit with that feeling of frustration and see what is going on.  I’ve also learned that there are two conversations that I need to have, one with my head and one with my heart.   For me, my head always wants to go first and my head was being rather critical.  “You don’t look good in most of your pants.”  “You ‘ve got to always hide that roll with a blazer or big shirt.”  “You are looking old and not very attractive.”  Ouch!

Now it was time to listen to my heart.  My heart is much more soft-spoken than my head and will only talk when it knows I’m really ready to listen.  That particular day I was ready.  Here’s what my heart told me, “You need to commit to your health and physical fitness because when you do you are more powerful and confident.  You need this because your world is about to expand.”  Wow!  That was just what I needed to hear because I know for me that is the truth.  When I feel good, I am more confident, more powerful and more me!

So now I have my vision of this confident, powerful me, but how am I going to get there?  Again I know what to do.  Eat better.  Exercise more.  Why wasn’t I doing it?  I needed motivation.  I felt like I needed a challenge.  Something I could work towards so during those days when my Portuguese colleague brings in those vanilla custard thingies, I won’t eat half the box.

As followers of my blog, you probably know that I believe the universe is always sending us messages and I’ve learned over the years to pay attention.  Well I got a dozy the other day.  I’m driving with my husband when a song pops on the radio, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  As I listened I was picturing the video.  I love that video.  Beyonce looks so sassy in that video.  The moves are fun and sexy.  She exudes power and confidence.  Then it hit me.

On my 45th birthday, April 11, 2013, I am going to be Beyonce.

Yep.  That’s what I said.  Sixth months from today, I’m going to make my own video, sexy costume and all, of “Single Ladies” and post it here.

Oh God!  I told you.  Breathe, Karen.  It’s OK because I have a plan.  I’ll share the plan with you next week.  In the meantime, here’s what I am aiming for.  Enjoy!

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