Do you sit at work dreaming about your dream job?  Do find yourself googling about things that support your dream while you are at work?  Do you resent the fact that you even have to go to your job?  A job that is nothing like the job you really want to do?  Well, do I have a good book for you.

In his book, Quitter, Closing the Gap Between You Day Job and Your Dream Job, author Jon Acuff explores that gap and presents the path that worked for him.

While working full-time, Jon started a successful blog Stuff Christians Like.  He starting to land speaking gigs and even published a book.  Being an author was his dream job, but Jon didn’t quit his day job when he got that publishing deal.  For him, the time wasn’t right.  The gap was still too wide.  So in the meantime he learned to hustle and learned to appreciate, be grateful for a job that supported his family and in turn his dream.

The book gives the reader some tools and a different way to think about your day job.  “Removing the I’m from your But,” “Falling in Like with a Job You Don’t Love,” and “Learn to Be Successful at Success,” are some of the chapters that really resonated with me.

So perhaps, like me, you have the gap.  Pick up Jon’s book.  It will especially help you on those days when the gap seems bigger than the distance between the rims of the Grand Canyon.  Quitter, will help you to acknowledge the gap, appreciate where you are in the process and provide some inspiration that someday the gap will be gone.

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