Beyonce Challenge – Week 2

Just to be clear.  Yes.  You read the blog post right last week.  I will be dancing with Beyonce on April 11, 2013.   I’m going to “green screen” me, Karen, doing the whole “Single Ladies” video with Beyonce in the background.  Oh God!  I told you again.  This is truly happening and yes panic and fear are bubbling up, but like I told you, I have a plan.

The first part of the plan is I want to make sure that when I shake my hips to the left that all of me stays there.  I know you ladies out there know what I talking about.  So, I made the commitment to lose some weight.  To accomplish this, I decided to join Weight Watchers on-line PointsPlus system.

Do I really need to join Weight Watchers?  That was my initial thought.  I mean I know what to do to lose weight.  Move more.  Eat less.  That truly is the secret formula.  So why wasn’t I doing what I knew I had to do?  As I sat to contemplate this question I was ready to learn a great mystery.  I got my heart and the head lined up ready for the big revelation.  Want to know what I got?  The big insight was “I don’t know.”

Well that’s a big help, I thought.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.  I don’t know where my motivation is.  I don’t know why I am not holding myself accountable.  And I am slowly learning that I can’t do everything myself.  Sometimes we need outside support.  With my traveling schedule, Weight Watchers on-line seemed the best fit for me to keep my eating in check.

The program works on a point system.  All foods are given a point value.  Based on your weight, you are given a certain number of points for the day and week.  When you eat something, you determine the point value and record it.  What I love is everyday you get an allotment of points. So if you eat more on a given day, say like Thanksgiving, you use your daily points and your weekly points. But even if you use all of them up its OK because tomorrow, you start all over again.  You wake up and on-line is a fresh set of points ready to be tracked.

When I’ve tried other diets, if I over did it one day, I would feel like I ruined the whole week.  Here’s how it would go.  I would start a diet on Monday and on a Tuesday I would have to go to lunch with a client who would inevitably pick the restaurant with the worst food choices.  OK, maybe I said yes to the BBQ place too, but still I would feel like the whole week was ruined.  I would give up on Tuesday and even convince myself that I should get desert too because Monday I was really going to commit to a diet and there would be no excuses.  But guess what, next week there was a birthday party to attend.  The next week a business trip.  The next week, vacation.  I think you get the picture.

So far I like the program and am seeing results.  I am planning on indulging a bit this week.  Just need to exercise a little more (you get points for exercising too on Weight Watchers).  Speaking of exercise, I’ll let you in on my plan for that next week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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