Beyonce Challenge – Week 5

Last week I lost a ton of weight.  It was a weight that I was carrying on my shoulders for many months.  The weight was lost as I left my office for the last time carrying my life sized Edward Cullen.  Last week I got laid off from my job.  Don’t I look pretty happy for someone who has just lost their job?

For the last 22 years, I have made an income as an environmental, health and safety  (EHS) professional.  I have worked directly for or as a consultant to various industries helping them ensure their operations are in compliance with EHS regulations, developing programs, greening their products, etc.  It is something I do well and because I love the natural environment, I understand why what I do is important.  I also like helping people, coaching them to make their programs better.  It’s always fun when I can work in self-empowerment prinicples without anyone even knowing.  That’s when it doesn’t seem like a chore, like a job.

This last job became a job.  Things were not working out for me there and I always felt like my management did not value the work that I did.  You know I really can’t even remember a time when my management thanked me for working hard or told me really anything positive.  But last week, as it became known that I was being let go, it was amazing how many people took the time to reach out and tell me that they liked working with me and valued me as a professional.  Other EHS firms have already contacted me.  Clients want me to let them know where I land up.

I suddenly felt taller.  I felt happier.  I realized that I had been carrying around a huge amount of extra weight and losing this weight really makes me want to dance.

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