Beyonce Challenge – Week 6

Last week was the first week that I really focused on getting down some of the Single Ladies choreography.

I watched the whole thing first. Choreography is basically to a four count.  That helps.  Beyonce has such a sassy vibe.  I love it.  I really can’t wait to do this thang!  I’m starting to envision what I’m going to wear and how I’ll do my make-up.  Should I wear a wig so I can flip my hair?  I crack up seeing myself in a wig.

OK.  Focus, Karen.  It’s time to really start learning this.  The plan is to start where any good adventure starts, at the beginning.  I hit play.  Fade up.  Right hand on hip.  Slight side step with a little hip.  Slight torso roll.  Then we put our hands up with a little side kick.  Hands on hip.  Hip bounces with attitude.  Point the leg forward.  Then we dip.  So far so good.  But, wait.  Now they are moving and turning.  The camera is moving and turning.  Which leg is she on?  Oh hell!

I stop the video and I walk over to my bed.  I lay face down and begin my pity party.  What am I doing?  How am I going to figure this out?  Who wants to see my 45 year old hips shaking on the internet?

I take a breath and remember how excited I was just a little while ago.  I was smiling and laughing.  I felt confident.  Ready to learn this whole thing.  What happened?  Simply, my attitude changed.  But why did my attitude change?  It changed because I couldn’t figure out the choreography.  I got frustrated and now I feel stuck.

A few weeks ago, I took a coaching certification class taught by Dr. Robert Holden. During the training Robert shared with us the psychology of stuck.  When the feeling of stuck comes up in our lives, the stuck is inviting us to be a good detective.  Stuck is a feeling and feelings want to recognized.  Feelings are indicators.   From working with clients for many years, Robert has found that the stuck feeling usually means there is a better way.

OK, Karen.  Lets put on that Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate this stuckness.


Question:  Why am I feeling stuck right now?


Answer from Head:  You can’t figure out the choreography.  You decided to learn this from the beginning.  You learned only two sections and now you can’t figure this out.  It’s over.


Answer from Heart:   It’s not that you can’t learn the choreography, you are having problem with one little section.  And why do you have to learn it in order?


Taking this information, I go back to watch the video.  In turns out that the part I can’t figure out constitutes about 11 seconds of the entire video.  11 seconds.  I feel like I can’t do the whole thing over a lousy 11 seconds?  I take another breath and I have a pow-wow with myself.  I don’t have to learn this in order.  I can skip that part for now.  And if I need to find a choreographer to help me with that part, I will.

My stuck thanks me for recognizing it and we move on.   Hands up.  Pump right hip….

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