am I being kind? how asking one simple question can change your life… and the world

Am I being kind?  What a great question.  It’s one that really makes you stop and think and so does the book, am I being kind, by Michael J. Chase.

Michael breaks down his book into three parts.  He begins the book describing his “road to kindness.”  Being unkind was a disease that was passed down from generation to generation via the men in his family.  The unkindness weighed heavy on Michael.  So heavy that he at one point thought suicide was the only way to break the family cycle.  From suicide to the founding of The Kindness Center, to his book deal with Hay House, Michael shares the journey he has taken to arrive at his mission:  to make the world a kinder place.

Part two of the book is all about how you decide to live your life.  Michael presents the reader with seven choices.  Michael studied the choices that he had to make to live a kinder life and the choices of happy people.  Here are some examples of choices that Michael presents in the book:

  • Being Responsible or Being a Victim
  • Forgiveness or Resentment
  • Dream Big or Settle
  • Positive Relationships or Energy Vampires

Raise your hand if you ever said yes to someone because you felt you should, but you really wanted to say no.  OK.  Everyone can put their hands down.  Now think about what you said yes to.  Perhaps you said yes to helping a friend move even though you were nursing a sore back or you agreed to work late to help a colleague even though you were exhausted.  How did you feel while doing that thing you said yes to?  Raise your hand if you said crappy, pissed off or like the walking dead.

I can remember one particular day when I said yes to my Mom to take her shopping for an outfit.  I really wanted to stay home and finish up a project, but I went because I thought it would be rude to reschedule.  Well, you know what happened?  I was totally rude the whole time I was with her.  My brain was back home and I was so tuned out that I was totally ignoring her.  So do I still get credit for doing a kind act and taking her to the store?  No.  In that instance I was a human doing, someone just going through the motions, not a human being.

If you find yourself frequently in situations like the one above, you’ll find the end of Michael’s book very helpful.  It is here that he presents the tools for authentic living.  We learn that when we approach life from a place of authenticity and with an open heart, kindness just seems to flow.

Thank you, Michael for giving us the tools to make this world a kinder place.  And if you haven’t already, please put your hands down.

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