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The Importance of Being Extraordinary

Dyer Tolle CDToday I have for you a little departure from my usual book review.  Today I want to tell you about a 2-CD set live lecture from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle entitled The Importance of Being Extraordinary.


As I listened to the CDs, the central theme or lesson of the program that hit home for me was the idea of living a conscious life.  When you think about it, so much of our life we live unconsciously.  I can recall driving to work, parking my car and thinking, “How the hell did I get here.”  Have you ever sat with a bag chips and are stunned when you realize you hit the bottom of the bag?  I have and it’s an awful feeling.  I used to think that I felt awful because I just ate my allotment of calories for the day in less than an hour, but I’ve come to realize that I feel awful because at those moments I am not really living.  During these unconscious times you are missing your life because your mind usually has you in the past or in the future. Unconscious living takes you out of the present moment.


During the lecture Wayne and Eckhart provide insight to why the present moment is where the magic happens.  Only when we are in the present moment do we rid ourselves of labels and the constant chatter of the mind.  It is here that we can be extraordinary.  These two thought leaders share poetry, fables, stories and laughs to inspire you to live in the present, to live consciously. I especially liked how Wayne teased Eckhart about being named the most influential spiritual teacher in the world.   According to this poll, Wayne was number three.  Eckhart laughed and pointed out that in the now that they were experiencing, they were just two guys on stage sharing their gifts and enjoying each other in the present moment.  So glad that moment was captured for us to enjoy here in the now because it was extraordinary.


FTC Disclosure: I received this product for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.


Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot



I’ve loved watching Sting evolve as an artist and as a person through his music.  I find it so cool that the guy who wrote the beautiful lyrics below for his 1996, Mercury Falling disc, also wrote the song So Lonely in 1978.  I guess he learned to let his SOUL guide him.


Let your soul be your pilot

Let your soul guide you

He’ll guide you well

When you’re down and they’re counting

When your secrets all found out

When your troubles take to mounting

When the map you have leads you to doubt

When there’s no information

And the compass turns to nowhere that you know well

Let your soul be your pilot

Let your soul guide you

He’ll guide you well

When the doctors failed to heal you

When no medicine chest can make you well

When no counsel leads to comfort

When there are no more lies they can tell

No more useless information

And the compass spins

The compass spins between heaven and hell

Let your soul be your pilot

Let your soul guide you

He’ll guide you well

And your eyes turn towards the window pane

To the lights upon the hill

The distance seems so strange to you now

And the dark room seems so still

Let your pain be my sorrow

Let your tears be my tears too

Let your courage be my model

That the north you find will be true

When there’s no information

And the compass turns to nowhere that you know well

Let your soul be your pilot

Let your soul guide you

Let your soul guide you

Let your soul guide you upon your way…

Stephen Kee

It can be scary to declare something to the world.  Even though it is scary, Stephen Kee wants us to do it anyway.  To help us be brave Stephen gives us his Three D approach:

1. Develop – A Thought

2. Define – Its Purpose

3. Declare – Its Place


You may recall back in November I made a pretty scary declaration on this blog.  I said that I was going to learn Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video and record it on my 45th birthday.  Well, my birthday was this past Thursday and no I didn’t make my video.  I’m thinking that if I would have followed Stephen’s Three D approach, in order, I may have had more success.  Lets break this down.


First I had a thought.  I thought how much fun it would be to learn this video.  Then I declared it to everyone.  I kind of skimmed over step 2, which is defining what I had declared.  I knew I wanted to do this as a motivator to lose weight and get in shape, but I didn’t realize before I made this declaration that I would need help.


I found myself needing help in the way of a choreographer.  First, I went to dance studios.  They wanted me to pay upwards of $75.00 an hour, which was not in my budget.  Next, I contacted a few colleges who I knew had dance programs hoping a student would be interested in helping me, but no one responded to my ads.  Without the right help the project just stalled.  Why did I think I could do this alone?


Well, I am, as Beyonce sang with Destiny’s Child, an independent woman.  Now don’t get me wrong, being independent can be a wonderful thing, but for me I am realizing that as my dreams and goals become bigger, I need help.  Yes, I admit it; I do not know everything and I can’t figure out everything on my own.  As one of my favorite teachers Robert Holden says, we get to a point where we outgrow independence.  I find that very exciting.


As far as my goal to get fit, the Beyonce Challenge has motivated me to eat better and exercise more.  I have even committed to running a half marathon in November.  Don’t worry.  I already have a team lined up to help me achieve this goal.

Archetypes: Who Are You?

If I told you my friend Alex was a real fashionista or that Kelly is an athlete, what happens in your mind?  Just by using those two words, fashionista and athlete, you formed a picture of Alex and Kelly in your mind.  The amazing thing is I bet a portion of the images you formed of my two friends was spot on.  But how can you do that?  You don’t know Alex or Kelly.  We can do this because of something called archetypes.

In Archetypes:  Who Are You?, Caroline Myss explains that archetypes are universal behavioral patterns; psychic DNA that plays a part of our instinctual survival mechanism as a species.

Archetypes, symbols, and myths comprise aspects of our intuitive intelligence.  We are naturally intuitive, we require these senses for our very survival.  The fight-or-flight response and the highly reactive “gut instinct” are examples of organic intuitive intelligence that we rely on all the time.

So our intuition helps us recognize the archetypes in others, but what about our own archetypes?  Are you a creative, intellectual, visionary?  Turns out I am.  How did I figure this out?  Here’s where the book gets really cool.  The book has a corresponding website  The site offers a free quiz to assist you in discovering your archetype.

Once you know your archetypes, you go back to the book to learn more about them.  For each archetype, Caroline Myss provides details such as information on the behavior patterns, the inner shadow, the universal lesson, where you gain/lose power and a checklist for each archetype.

Where the book really helped me was to see where my archetypes can conflict with one another.  For example, the visionary part of me dreams big and needs lots of courage to share my dreams with the world.  My intellectual part though needs to know all the answers and be logical about things.  So sometimes, I can take the wind out of my own sails.

The other day I had an idea for a book.  I grabbed a piece of paper to start writing it down.  As the visionary was writing, I noticed that the intellectual started to chime in, “Hasn’t that been done already?”  I took a breath and nicely told my intellectual part to sit still; she’ll have her turn when the visionary is done.  In the past, I may not have gotten my whole idea on paper.  I would have let my intellectual mind chat away and guess what?  I would forget the details of my own idea.  This book helped me to recognize and utilize the strengths of my archetypes to my advantage.

So, what archetypes are you?  Take the quiz and let me know.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.