Stephen Kee

It can be scary to declare something to the world.  Even though it is scary, Stephen Kee wants us to do it anyway.  To help us be brave Stephen gives us his Three D approach:

1. Develop – A Thought

2. Define – Its Purpose

3. Declare – Its Place


You may recall back in November I made a pretty scary declaration on this blog.  I said that I was going to learn Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video and record it on my 45th birthday.  Well, my birthday was this past Thursday and no I didn’t make my video.  I’m thinking that if I would have followed Stephen’s Three D approach, in order, I may have had more success.  Lets break this down.


First I had a thought.  I thought how much fun it would be to learn this video.  Then I declared it to everyone.  I kind of skimmed over step 2, which is defining what I had declared.  I knew I wanted to do this as a motivator to lose weight and get in shape, but I didn’t realize before I made this declaration that I would need help.


I found myself needing help in the way of a choreographer.  First, I went to dance studios.  They wanted me to pay upwards of $75.00 an hour, which was not in my budget.  Next, I contacted a few colleges who I knew had dance programs hoping a student would be interested in helping me, but no one responded to my ads.  Without the right help the project just stalled.  Why did I think I could do this alone?


Well, I am, as Beyonce sang with Destiny’s Child, an independent woman.  Now don’t get me wrong, being independent can be a wonderful thing, but for me I am realizing that as my dreams and goals become bigger, I need help.  Yes, I admit it; I do not know everything and I can’t figure out everything on my own.  As one of my favorite teachers Robert Holden says, we get to a point where we outgrow independence.  I find that very exciting.


As far as my goal to get fit, the Beyonce Challenge has motivated me to eat better and exercise more.  I have even committed to running a half marathon in November.  Don’t worry.  I already have a team lined up to help me achieve this goal.

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