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Excuse Me, Your SOUL is Shining

Another synchronistic event happened to me when I was writing up this month’s music selection, Soul Shine.  I love it when these happen and I love sharing them with you.


I was going back in forth to what song I wanted to feature this month. Nothing was hitting me until I remembered “Soulshine” by The Allman Brothers Band.  A friend of mine had recommended this song for the site.  Though a fan of The Allman Brothers and of good ole southern rock, I hadn’t heard the song before, but quickly fell in love with it.  After I decide to write up a song, I put it on my iPhone and iPod and listen to it over and over again till I know what I want to write about the song.  You can read my SoulShine post here.


So I find myself humming Soulshine while listening to a podcast of psychic medium, John Holland.  John was discussing the principles in his book The Power of the Soul.” John discussed all things soul that I love.  How to understand your soul purpose and tap into the wisdom and intuitive guidance of your soul.  Then all of the sudden, John mentions a concept he calls “soul shine.”  Wait what?  Pause. Hit rewind.  Did he just say “soul shine?”  Yes he did and here’s the concept.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone about something they love, something they feel real passionate about?  You feel the energy exuding out them.  You notice the clarity in their eyes and the enthusiasm in their voice.  Why?  Because they are connecting with what they truly love and that’s when your soul shines.


I think it is easier for us to see this in other people than it is to see it for ourselves.  So I urge my SOUL community to tell people when you see their soul shine.  I did this the other day.  There’s a guy on my road that runs with such joy and beauty.  Every time I see him running he is smiling.  So the other day I’m driving home from work and I decided to flag him down.  I rolled down my window and told him he was my favorite runner on my road.  He laughed and said thank you.  I asked him how does he always run with such joy?  He said, “It’s fun and I love it.”  I told him I could tell.  A car came up behind me and I had to say goodbye.  Though it was a quick encounter, I could tell I made this guys day.


Acknowledge soul shine when you see it in others.  Write down what you are doing when you feel it in yourself.  It’s time to SOUL Shine!  It’s better than moonshine.


allman-brothersFeeling blue?  Have you lost your way?  Can’t find the sun on a cloudy day?

It’s OK.  We all feel that way sometimes, but thanks to The Allman Brothers Band I have a prescription for you.  Go to iTunes and download yourself a little SoulShine.  It’s better than moonshine!

When you can’t find the light

That guides you through a cloudy day

When the stars ain’t shining bright

And it feels like you lost your way

When the candle lights of home

Burn so very far away

Well you got to let your soul shine

Just like my daddy used to say
He used to say soul shine

It’s better than sunshine

Better than moonshine

Damn sure better than the rain

Hey now people don’t mind

We all feel this way sometimes

Got to let your soul shine

Shine till the break of day

The Importance of Feeding the SOUL

Feed your SOUL!  It’s not just a quirky tagline I came up with for my website.  It’s something I believe we need to do.


I created the Society of Ultimate Living (SOUL) to inspire people to live their vision, but what happens when you don’t know what your vision is?  You may be living a life that feels numb or in a state of constant frustration.  You have this nagging feeling that you are meant to do something great, but what is that something?  Those feelings are all signals that we must take some time to connect to our soul.


What is the soul?  I like to think of the soul as our wise self.  It has the answers you seek if you take the time to listen.  But in our hectic lives we become disconnected to our soul’s voice.  We don’t get those intuitive hits or synchronicities happening in our lives.  We feel weighed down and the only party we feel like throwing is a good ole pity party.  These are all signs that your soul is feeling deprived and in need of some serious nourishment.  So, what do we do?  We feed our soul.


Feeding the soul involves doing things that you love to do.  Watch a great movie.  Read a fun book.  Dance to your favorite music.  Go for a hike.  Cook a great meal.  Hug and kiss your loved ones.  Snuggle with your pets.  Watch kids play.  Better yet join them!  We need to loosen up spiritually, physically and emotionaly for the soul’s voice to be heard.  That light heartedness, I believe amplifies the voice of the soul and will connect you to your vision.


Even though I know how much better I feel when I am consciously feeding my soul, I sometimes forget.  When I feel stressed, blah or confused, I know I have been neglecting my soul.  I’ll find that I have numbed out for one reason or another.  My life has gotten out of balance and I know it because my energy level is low.  That’s my soul’s way of saying, “Feed me!”


So I am making a pledge to consciously feed my soul and document my soul stirring antics here and on Facebook.  I hope you are inspired to join me.


In 1973, a very special horse, Secretariat, won the Triple Crown.  To be a Triple Crown winner the horse must win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes all in about a months time.  Secretariat not only won these races, but he posted track and world record-breaking times.  The last race in the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, Secretariat won by 31 lengths.  That means that 31 horses could fit between him and the second place horse.  An incredible feat when you think that most races are on by a few lengths at the most.


In 2010, a movie was made not only about this special horse but all the special people that supported him, especially his owner Penny Tweedy.  I think it was Penny’s will and love of Big Red (Secretariat was his racing name) that made him a winner.  When Big Red was born, her family’s farm was in financial and physical disarray and her father was suffering from dementia.  The entire family, including Penny’s husband wanted to sell the farm and send her father to a nursing home.


But Penny knew this baby horse had what it takes to be a winner.  It was a big risk, but Penny knew she and Big Red would win because she had the will to win and knew she would live with the consequences if she didn’t.  “Life,” she said “is ahead of you and you run at it because you never know how far you can go unless you run.”


Secretariat is a movie about trusting your gut, taking a chance, teamwork and a very special horse.

Kim Kirkley

Kim KirkleyWhen I was interviewing Kim Kirkley, I was shocked when she told me she considered herself to be somewhat shy.  I was shocked because I met Kim at a conference.  There were close to 200 hundred people in the room and Kim just stood out.  She was that person whose presence alone seemed larger than life.   This woman who radiated confidence and joy considered herself shy?  You usually don’t feel that kind of energy from a shy person.  So I asked, “What’s up with that?”


It turns out that Kim is a love projector.  It’s a new breed of super hero.  Yep it is.  She projects love wherever she goes.  She shoots out a laser beam of love to everyone around her.  Almost instantly her targets are lured into a better mood.  Living in New York City her nemeses are many.  Moody businessmen and woman, pompous socialites who scoff at the homeless, and chronic bad mooders who wear a shield of anger and judgment.  But every time her laser hits their shield, even if it’s for a millisecond, the shield cracks.


Seriously, Kim is a love projector.  When on the subway, before she meets a new client, walking into a conference not knowing anyone, instead of getting caught in the chatter of her head (“Man that guy looks creepy.”  “I hope they like me.”  “I should have worn something else.”  “Why am I going to this conference where I don’t know anyone.”), she smiles and sends love.  When she started to do this she realized how much better she felt and the sensed that it was helping the other people too.  I know it worked on me.  When Kim walked into the room at this conference, I immediately wanted to meet her and know her story.  Her laser beam hit me right in the heart.


So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you are nervous or feeling a little shy, fire up that laser beam and start shooting.