Kim Kirkley

Kim KirkleyWhen I was interviewing Kim Kirkley, I was shocked when she told me she considered herself to be somewhat shy.  I was shocked because I met Kim at a conference.  There were close to 200 hundred people in the room and Kim just stood out.  She was that person whose presence alone seemed larger than life.   This woman who radiated confidence and joy considered herself shy?  You usually don’t feel that kind of energy from a shy person.  So I asked, “What’s up with that?”


It turns out that Kim is a love projector.  It’s a new breed of super hero.  Yep it is.  She projects love wherever she goes.  She shoots out a laser beam of love to everyone around her.  Almost instantly her targets are lured into a better mood.  Living in New York City her nemeses are many.  Moody businessmen and woman, pompous socialites who scoff at the homeless, and chronic bad mooders who wear a shield of anger and judgment.  But every time her laser hits their shield, even if it’s for a millisecond, the shield cracks.


Seriously, Kim is a love projector.  When on the subway, before she meets a new client, walking into a conference not knowing anyone, instead of getting caught in the chatter of her head (“Man that guy looks creepy.”  “I hope they like me.”  “I should have worn something else.”  “Why am I going to this conference where I don’t know anyone.”), she smiles and sends love.  When she started to do this she realized how much better she felt and the sensed that it was helping the other people too.  I know it worked on me.  When Kim walked into the room at this conference, I immediately wanted to meet her and know her story.  Her laser beam hit me right in the heart.


So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you are nervous or feeling a little shy, fire up that laser beam and start shooting.

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